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About Me

I enjoy working on  innovative products that change the market landscape and provide a vision for the future. My background is native mobile app development for both IOS & android. I know a bit of react, SQL, javascript, SAP and working with AWS. My goal has always been to create something which everyone can find value in. 

Long Term Projects

The goal is to build an AI which can write books. By combining Natural Language Processing and identifying key elements of writing via IBM watson, it is possible to classify written text into various parameters. 

A website where authors get paid by writing one chapter at a time in a competitive enviorment. The goal is to change the way books are written and how authors earn a living.

Still in the early stages, I envision a decentralized internet formed via a blockchain DNS register. Wallets own space in the register. A user can look up a web address and data from the blockchain. Space in the register is earned by transmitting data stored in the register.

Material Creation Via Excel
Wood Pole Inspection
Application takes uploaded excel document and parses data into xml which is returned to SAP
Android application uses maps API + GIS information to locate utility assets and provide inspection 
Work Management Dispatcher
Android application allows crews to be assigned to individual orders
Work Management Crew
Enables crew to plan routes based on geo-spatial points on map. When on site crew can capture material information
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